Nebraska Medal of Honor

In 1969, Nebraskans who were awarded the Medal of Honor became eligible for induction into the Nebraska Hall of Fame. Individuals selected include people who have been awarded the Medal of Honor for service within Nebraska and native Nebraskans and others who have been residents for at least two years before or after their military service.

Conflict / War Dates Honorees
Civil War 1861 – 1865

Delavan Bates; John G. Bourke; Jefferson Coates;James K. L. Duncan; Augustin Flanagan; Joseph Hanks; Guy V. Henry; Orion P. Howe

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Indian Campaigns 1865 – 1890

John B. Babcock; Edmund Butler; Heth Canfield; Co-Rux-Ah-Kah-Wah-Dee (Traveling Bear); Matthias W. Day; John Denny; John H. Foley; George Grant; Leander Herron; Charles H. Heyl; Michael Himmelsback; Thomas Hubbard; Henry Johnson; George Jordan; Patrick J. Leonard; Patrick T. Leonard; William B. Lewis; Francis W. Lohnes; Jeptha L. Lytton; John Mott McMahon; George Miller; Emanuel Stance; William H. Strayer; George W. Thompson; Leroy H. Vokes; William O. Wilson

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Spanish-American War 1898

John W. Ehle; James Meredith

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Philippines 1911

Jacob Jr. Volz

World War I 1917 – 1919

Nelson M. Holderman; Edward V. Rickenbacker

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World War II 1941 – 1945

Vernon Baker; Harold W. Bauer; Robert D. Booker; Richard E. Cowan; Dale M. Hansen; Floyd K. Lindstrom; John J. Parle; Leo J. Powers; John J. Tominac; Jack L. Treadwell

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Korean War 1950 – 1953

Edward Gomez; Ernest Kouma

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Vietnam War 1950 – 1953

Ronald L. Coker; James W. Fous; Charles C. Hagemeister; Robert J. Hibbs; Miguel Keith; Joseph R. Kerrey; Gerald O. Young

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