Mildred Brown: Omaha Star Founder
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Omaha Star

Soon after working in Sioux City, Mildred and Edward Gilbert moved to Omaha where she sold ads for the Omaha Guide. By 1938 the couple were ready to start their own paper, the Omaha Star. On July 9, 1938, the first issue of the Star was published. Six thousand copies were printed and sold for ten cents each.

Mildred was the Advertising Manager and Financial Secretary. She sold ads to local and national companies and kept track of bills and payments to the paper. Edward was the General Manager. He made sure the articles were ready for print. In 1943, Mildred and Edward divorced. Edward left the paper and Mildred was in charge of everything as the Advertising and General Manager.

By 1945, the Omaha Star was the only remaining African American newspaper in Omaha.

Mildred & Gilbert Brown, 1938
From the first edition of the Omaha Star on July 9, 1938, presenting Mildred and Gilbert as owners
Courtesy Nebraska State Historical Society

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