Edwin Perkins: Kool-Aid Inventor
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Great Price

Kool-Ade ad for 5 cents
Kool-Ade ad during the Depression in the 1930s. Note the reduced price.
Courtesy Hastings Museum

Another incentive to buy Kool-Aid was the great price of 10 cents per package. During the Great Depression, the price was cut in half for the same product: 5 cents. Premiums, such as small toys or cardboard cutouts, made Kool-Aid especially appealing to children.

During World War II, Kool-Aid got kids involved as Scouts of the Stars and Stripes. They could collect hats and pins to wear.

Kool-Aid even reached the men and women on the front lines during World War II with Kool-Aid lemonade mix included in their ration kits.

Kool-Aid in Ration Kit
Kool-Aid in Ration Kit in World War II in the early 1940s.
Courtesy Hastings Museum

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