Edwin Perkins: Kool-Aid Inventor
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Onor-Maid Order Sheet
Onor-Maid order sheet used by the sales staff
Courtesy Hastings Museum
In Perkins’ time, you not only had to invent great products, but you also had to market the products through individual salesmen (at that time, salespeople were mostly men). Perkins was very good at organizing and encouraging his staff. He hired sales representatives to sell his products all over the country. Those who sold the most products won prizes.
These sales representatives or "jobbers" also did the distributing. They made use of the self-selling "silent salesman" to help them do their work. The silent salesman was a small, simple, cardboard case in which Kool-Aid packages were displayed in popular areas of the store. silent salesman for Kool-Aid
Silent Salesman.
Courtesy Hastings Museum

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