Standing Bear’s Release
Omaha Herald, May 15, 1879

[This is the report of Standing Bear's release from the Omaha Herald on May 15, 1879. To see a representation of the actual newspaper story, click here.]


A Call Upon Friends of Justice

Secretary Mc Crary has issued an order to Gen. Crook to release Standing Bear and his party. The old chief made the following remarks on the subject. He said: "I thank God I am a free man once more, and I shall never forget those who have helped me. I would like to find some government land and take a homestead like the white people do. I am getting old but I can commence anew. The government has taken all my property, held me a prisoner a long time and now when it is too late to plant they say to me "go." But they do not give me back my land, my plows, or any of the property they have taken away."

Joseph La Flesche, the leading man among the Omahas, is in the city. He desires Standing Bear to locate on some land near the Omaha reservation which he thinks he can get for him, and the Omahas will help him to get a start. Now, it is five days journey to the place, and it is proposed to donate provisions to supply them while on the journey. There are several sick in the band and he ought to have a little money for use on the way. Mr. L. S. Reed, on Fourteenth Street between Farnam and Douglas, will receive donations of food or money to be applied for this purpose. There are thirty persons in the party, many of them orphan children, whose parents died in the Indian Territory, and whom he is caring for as a matter of charity. No other case will ever appeal to the sympathy of an ever-generous Omaha public more strongly than this. Send around your donations to Mr. Reed and let us repair in some slight degree the great wrong which has been done to Standing Bear.

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