Native Americans & Settlers
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Conflict and Negotiation with European Settlers:
Taking Indian Land

Between 1825 and 1892 in Nebraska, there were a series of 18 different treaties between Native American tribes and the U.S. government in which Indians gave up their land. Nationally, there were hundreds of treaties. These treaties were important because each made it legally possible for the United States to make land available to settlers. The treaties of the early 1800s (and later) make the settlements of the 1870s possible.

The map below is linked to the actual text of the treaties, or a summary of the U.S. Congressional act, that ceded (gave up) land to the United States. These treaties and agreements make fascinating reading. The terms under which tribes gave up their land are remarkable, even for a time when a dollar bought a lot. Well-known political figures in Nebraska were among the negotiators who signed the documents.

Select a tribe and year to read the text of each treaty
or a law summary that ceded land to the U.S.

Mag Me! Select a tribe and year to read the text of each treaty or law summary that ceded land to the U.S. or select the magnifying glass for an extreme close-up of the original map.
Treaties Map 1800s Treaty with the Ponca, 1865 Agreement with the Lakota Tribes, 1889 and 1892 Agreement with the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho Tribes, 1876 Treaty with the Pawnee, 1857 Agreement with the Pawnee Tribe, 1875 Agreement with the Lakota Tribe, 1875 Treaty with the Arapaho and Cheyenne, 1861 Treaty with the Pawnee, 1833 Treaty with the Kansa, 1825 Treaty with the Pawnee, Grand, Loups, Republicans, etc., 1848 Treaty with the Omaha, 1854 Treaty with the Omaha, 1865 Agreement with the Omaha Tribe, 1882 Treaty with the Confederated Oto and Missouri, 1854 Treaty with the Oto and Missouri, 1833 Agreement with the Oto Tribe, 1830
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Based on an original Map of Native American land cessions via treaties in what became Nebraska.
Courtesy Bureau of American Ethnologies, Smithsonian Libraries, 1899

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