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  A Sense of Geologic Time
    4.5 Billion Years Ago: Earth Forms
7 Activities
    10 Million Years Ago
5 Activities
Nebraska’s Ice Age
    2 Million to 10 Thousand Years Ago
4 Activities
First Human Residents
    12 Thousand Years Ago
3 Activities
Nebraska's First Farmers
    1000 Years Ago
9 Activities
Lime Creek, Schultz, Arner, Patterson

    9000 to 600 Years Ago
    in South Western, Western, Central,
    & Eastern Nebraska
4 Lesson Plans:
Lime Creek Site
Schultz Site
Arner Site
Patterson Site

  Emergence of Historic Tribes
    1600 Native Tribes Return to the Plains
5 Activities
First Contact: Expanding Trade
    1541 Coronado Reaches "Quivera"
2 Activities
Horses Change Native Lives
    1650 Horses Stolen from Spanish
1 Activity
Villasur Sent to Nebraska
1 Activity
Geopolitical Power Shifts
1 Activity

  Louisiana Purchase Opens the West
8 Activities, Lewis &
Clark Lesson Plan
Fur Traders and Missionaries
8 Activities
Forts Built
4 Activities
Routes West: Missouri & Platte Rivers
    Mid-1800s Mormon & Oregon Trails
6 Activities, Covered
Wagon Lesson Plan

  Kansas-Nebraska Act Signed
4 Activities
Native Americans & Settlers
    1854-1857 NE Tribes Give Up Lands
5 Activities, 1 Lesson Plan
African American Settlers
5 Activities, 1 Lesson Plan
1862 Homestead Act Signed
    The Challenges of the Plains
    Who Were the Settlers?

9 Activities, 4 Lesson Plans
10 Activities 5 Lesson Plans
Beef Moves to Nebraska
    1500s to Civil War
Cattle Drives Lesson Plan
Beef Issue Lesson Plan
Railroads & Settlement
    1862 Union Pacific Railroad
7 Activities, 3 Lesson Plans
Notable Nebraskan J. Sterling Morton
    1872 Founder of Arbor Day
Life of Service Lesson Plan

  Trial of Standing Bear
20 Activities
Dawes Act
1 Lesson Plan
Notable Nebraskan
    Susan La Flesche Picotte 1865-1915
1 Lesson Plan
High Falutin’ Beef
    Breeding, Ranching Styles, Stockyards
Ranching Styles
Beef Industry Economics
Lesson Plans
Roots of Progressivism
4 Activities
Solomon Butcher Photographs
    Visual History of Custer County
1 Activity

  Progressive Movement
    Turn of the Century
3 Activities, 1 Lesson Plan
Reforming Beef
    Cattle Barons v. Grangers
Land Fraud
Home on the Range Lesson Plans
Limited Voting Rights for Women
    1917 Approved in Nebraska
5 Activities, 1 Lesson Plan
Notable Nebraskan
    1886-1948 Father Edward J. Flanagan
Mind Notes Lesson Plan
Nebraska Prohibits Alcohol
4 Activities
Racial Riot in Omaha
7 Activities, 1 Lesson Plan
Native American Citizenship
4 Activities

  Notable Nebraskan Edwin Perkins
    1927 Inventor of "Kool-Ade"
1 Lesson Plan
Notable Nebraskan George W. Morris
    U.S. Congressman & U.S. Senator
1 Lesson Plan
Notable Nebraskan Mildred Brown
    1938 Founded Omaha Star Newspaper
1 Lesson Plan
Tri-County Project
    1920s & ’30s Drought & Dust Bowl
10 Lesson Plans
Beef Goes Modern
    Genetics, Black Market, Blizzard of ’49
Operation Haylift
Lesson Plan
Nebraska & World War II
    1941 Pearl Harbor
4 Activities
Nebraskans on the Front Lines
    Women, Objectors, National Guard
5 Activities
On the Homefront
    N.P. Canteen, Bonds, Rationing
13 Activities 2 Lesson Plans
Arsenal for Democracy
    Bomber Plants
6 Activities
    Far from the Battleground
4 Activities
Nebraska Helps Win WW2
    Omaha Builds A-Bomb Plane
3 Activities
The War
    Nebraska Stories
5 Lesson Plans

  A Cold War and a Hot Bomb
    1950 Defense Increased 350%
5 Activities
Living in an Atomic Age
    Roads, Cars, TV, Space Race
5 Activities
The Red Menace
    McCarthyism, Loyalty Oaths
4 Activities
Creation of SAC
    General LeMay, Missles
5 Activities
Civil Defense
    Fallout Shelters, Underground Capitol
5 Activities, 1 Lesson Plan
Beef State
    Industrial Cattle Feeding, Meatpacking
Beef State
Omaha Stockyards
Lesson Plans

  Crisis in Agriculture
    Farmers Strike
2 Activities, 1 Lesson Plan
Foreclosures Lead to Violence
    Arthur Kirk, Nickel Auctions, Farm Aid
7 Activities
"No Corporate Farms"
    I-300 Amendment
3 Activities
Alternative Markets
    Communications, Infrastructure
4 Activities
End of the Cold War
    1989 Berlin Wall Torn Down

  Nebraska Beef Goes Global
    "Sane Cows", Hispanic Migration,
    Beef Life Cycle, Cowboy Culture
Beef Life Cycle
Migration's Impact
Lesson Plans